Things You Want Most in Your Workplace

This is a list of the things that would make your workplace perfect. This list of the best employee benefits in your ideal workplace includes an easygoing boss, flexible hours, paid vacation days, the option to work from home, cool coworkers, great benefits, stock options or maybe even a monthly visit from a masseuse.

While an employee may enjoy their job, often they are unhappy with the workplace itself. Maybe it's unfriendly coworkers or undefined job expectations, perhaps a workload that's just too much to handle, employees often become unhappy with their workplace. Employees may even hear friends or colleagues talk about the great things offered at their workplaces, which makes one realize there's a lot to be desired in their own workplace. This is your opportunity to sound off on what you would love to have at your job to make your workplace ideal.

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  • Benefits
    161 votes


  • Paid Vacation
    156 votes

    Paid Vacation

  • Respectful Coworkers
    158 votes

    Respectful Coworkers

  • Holidays Off
    144 votes

    Holidays Off

  • Flexible Hours
    148 votes

    Flexible Hours

  • Consistent Pay Raise Schedule
    123 votes

    Consistent Pay Raise Schedule