Everyday Things You Wish There Was An App For

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Vote up the imaginary apps that would be most useful to if you could actually download them.

There’s an untapped market for useful apps that don't exist, and on this list is basically an imaginary smartphone app wishlist. With all of the Android and iPhone apps out there these days, one might think we’ve reached full appacity. But for every step counter or news app, there should be something that helps you remember where you parked your car or an app that helps you figure out what people are talking about at parties. It’s not that hard, app scientists, so get on it! Check out these non-existent apps and then let us know about apps you wish existed.

It may not seem like it, but the things you wish there was an app for are deeply personal. If you spend a lot of time screwing around on your phone, you might want something that keeps you from procrastinating. Or if you’re constantly being followed by menacing owls you might want something that acts as an owl deterrent. Think about the kind of apps that would make your life easier and throw them on the list. Or if you’ve got your hands on app-making technology, you could start working on these and become the next Silicon Valley bajillionaire.

Vote up the imaginary apps you wish you could download, and if there’s an app you wish existed, feel free to add it to the list.
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    What's My Dog Saying?

    In 2011 the app Bow Lingual was released that reported to translate what your dog says. There's also Dog Decoder, which tells you what your dog's saying based off of its body language. 

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    An App That Gives You The Layout Of Any Grocery Store

    This sort of exists as Aisle411, but they're still trying to get grocery store managers to use their augmented reality technology to map out their aisles. 

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    An App That Helps You Develop Your Ideas

    While WOOP won't come up with ideas for you, it will help you carry out your wishes via realistic solutions. 

  • 4

    The Dream Explainer

    As of 2011 you can download iDream, an app that helps you understand your dreams. 

  • 5

    An App That Helps You Remember Where You Parked Your Car

    Since 2010 AR by Augmented Works has been using augmented reality to help drivers figure out where they parked at IKEA. 

  • 6

    Something That Gives You the Perfect Excuse to Get You Out of Any Awkward Situation

    In 2016 Chelsea Handler created an app for getting out of any awkward situation called "Gotta Go." However if you want to stay in the conversation you'll have to come up with something on your own. 

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    An App That Tells You What's in the Fridge When You're Not at Home

    As of 2017 London-based company Smarter has rolled out "FridgeCam" a small camera similar to Ring that you attach to the inside of your refrigerator. You can monitor it via an app on your phone. 

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    An App That Shows You The Traffic Control Grid Of Your Town

  • 9

    An App That Helps You Decide What to Watch on Netflix

    In 2014 the Netflix Roulette app came out as a way to help indecisive viewers figure out what to watch. 

  • 10

    An App That Helps You Figure Out Who's That Guy from That Thing

    As of late 2016 Blippar has been using augmented reality to help figure out who someone is by just looking at a picture of their face, this might work on character actors. 

  • 11

    A Mobile ATM

  • 12

    Is It A Mole Or Is It Cancer?

    Are you not sure if you're dealing with a mole or cancer? Try out SkinVision to double check your new skin friend. 

  • 13

    An app that comes to life to do your chores and work

    i need this in my life

  • 14

    The Procrastination Timer

    The Procrastination Timer is here! It records how long you spend working and how long you spend goofing off and allows you to compare the two habits. 

  • 15

    An App That Keeps You From Screwing Around on Your Phone

    In 2017 Ariana Huffington partnered with Samsung to make Thrive, an app that cuts off your notifications, calls, and texts unless someone's on your "VIP List." 

  • 16

    An App That Helps You Make Friends at Parties

    In 2017 Me3 launched with the purpose of connecting friends who have the same taste and personal beliefs. You might want to try this before you go to the party. 

  • 17

    A Podcast App That Plays You Something New Every Day According To Your Personal Taste

  • 18

    School bus tracker

  • 19

    Tinder, But for Pizza

    If you match with someone desperate enough on Tinder they will send you pizza. 

  • 20

    A Workout App That Taunts You

  • 21

    An App That Helps You Eavesdrop on the Couple Eating Next to You

    As of 2012 Ear Spy has allowed listeners to amplify their hearing by enabling your tablet or phone microphone before feeding it into your headphones. 

  • 22

    Coffee Delivery: The App

    While Postmates doesn't just deliver coffee to you, you can get someone to bring you a coffee for quite a price. 

  • 23

    A Rideshare App That Pairs You With People Who Are Going The Same Direction

    This app, Carma, is actually in beta testing right now. Hopefully they work out the kinks so you're not stuck in a car with someone you don't know for 40 minutes. 

  • 24

    Describe what diffrent brands of wine taste like and are good to pair with.

  • 25

    Daily Affirmations That You're a Good Person

    ThinkUp has been putting people into a positive mindset via personalized affirmations since 2014.