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Elise Hennigan
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We like to think our pets understand us and we understand them. After all, you think of your dog, cat, hamster, or other furry friend as your best friend and closest companion. They must understand you in some fundamental way, right? Well, yes and no. Your pet probably understands you love them - and loves you in return - but they are animals. They do not speak our language. One word commands and hand signals are fine, but what if our pets could actually understand us? If you could explain something to your pet - in a language 100% decipherable to them - what would it be?

If you had 10 seconds to talk to your dog, what would you say? If you could quickly explain an issue to your cat, what issue would you raise? Would you be practical and tell them to stop scratching at your door or waking you up for food in the morning? Or would you go emotional and really drive home how much you love them and want to keep them safe? Would you ask that your pet please start respecting you? What would you say?

What would you tell your pet, if you could tell them anything? Vote up the things that you wish your pet could understand below! 

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498 32
I Always Love You, Even When I Scold You

548 40
When I Leave The House, I Promise I Will Always Come Back

467 30
I Miss You When I'm Out

466 36
You Will Never Starve, So Relax About Food

404 39
I'm Only Trying To Trim Your Nails, It Won't Hurt You

439 48
I Can Only Let You Off Leash If You Always Come When I Call You

418 44
You Need To Take This Pill For Your Own Good

394 40
Going To The Vet Is Important For Your Health, Not A Form Of Torture

373 39
It's Really Gross When You Eat Other Animals' Poop. Please Stop.

354 42
If You're Going To Barf, Please Just Don't Do It On The Carpet

314 37
Don't Eat Things You Find On The Ground

295 35
Never, Ever Chew On Wires

309 44
The Vacuum Cleaner Won't Hurt You

309 48
I Can't Let You Roam Outside Alone - It's For Your Own Safety

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287 51
Can You Please Hold Still While We Take Pictures?

278 62
You've Taught Me How To Be A Better Person

253 59
That Guy Is Just Here To Deliver The Mail, He Comes Everyday, He Won't Hurt You

232 73
You Don't Have To Be Worried About Me When I Take A Shower

220 71
Please Stop Barking At Everyone Who Comes To The Door

202 70
Please Stop Scratching The Doors/Furniture

210 81
If You Have To Fart, Please Try To Leave The Room

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182 79
Stop Peeing On Everything

176 82
Why Don't You Try Peeing In (And Flushing) The Toilet?

176 83
Please Stop Waking Me Up So Early

166 84
Those Are My Feet Under The Covers - Not Intruders That Need Vanquishing

157 80
I Don't Like Bath Time Any More Than You Do

149 87
No Matter How Much You Cry, You're Not Getting Dinner Early

134 90
Jump Once For Food And Twice To Be Let Out

120 96
Please Don't Tip Over Your Food Bowl, I Don't Like Cleaning It Up

117 100
Please Don't Leave Any More Dead Things On The Porch

114 107
Please Stop Licking My Face When I'm Asleep

115 122
You Don't Actually Fit In My Lap