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Whether you believe it to be the word of God or merely an interesting piece of ancient literature, chances are that you’re familiar with the collection of books known as The Holy Bible. Both the best-selling and most shoplifted book in the world, the Bible has sparked the imaginations and spirits of people around the globe for thousands of years. As familiar as the sight of a Bible may seem, whether it be on your bedside table or in the drawer of every hotel room you’ve ever visited, we’re willing to bet that there are some surprising things in the Bible that can still blow you away.

Here we’ve gathered a collection of everything from controversial bible verses to little-known facts about Biblical figures that are sure to give you a killer conversation starter or two. We’ve attempted to assemble a non-biased collection of fun Bible facts that will spark your interest, whether you’re a hardcore believer or the most resolute skeptic on the block.

So whether you’re out to gain a better knowledge and understanding of your faith or are just looking for new ways to relate to your scripture-packing pals, you'll be fascinated by this list. These crazy bible verses and fun facts will hopefully give you interesting new ways to look at old stereotypes, scripture based ammo that will shut down haters in their tracks, and a new understanding of one of the world’s most interesting ancient texts.  
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Christ Probably Couldn't Have Even Pronounced the Name "Jesus"

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Though Christians around the world know the Christ of the Bible as "Jesus," this not only was not His actual name, but it was a name He probably wouldn't even have been able to pronounce. You see, the letter "J" didn't even exist in any language until about the 14th century and is absent to this day from the Hebrew alphabet. 

Jesus would have most likely spoken either Aramaic, in which His name would've been pronounced "Eashoa," or Hebrew, in which His name would've been "Yeshua." 
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Many of the Names in Gensis Incorporate the Ancient Hebrew Name for 'God'

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In Exodus 6:3, God tells Moses that He appeared to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob using the name El Shaddai (which means 'God Almighty'). He did not reveal Himself to them by the name "Yahweh." 

Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that many of the names of the characters in Genesis incorporate the term 'El."

For instance: Ishma-EL, Ab-EL, and Isra-EL. It was also incorporated into the names of all the archangels, such as Gabri-EL, Micha-EL, and Rapha-EL. 
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Your Mental Image of God May Actually Be of an Ancient Canaanite Storm Deity

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Much of our modern day imagery of God as an old man with a long beard was originally borrowed from an ancient Canaanite storm god who was also known as El (God), Il, or sometimes Latipan.

He was known as the Father God of a pantheon of smaller Canaanite gods, and was often depicted as a wise old man with a long flowing beard whose throne sat on top of a mountain surrounded by clouds. Sound familiar?
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The Bible Revealed That the Earth Is Round Thousands of Years Ago

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Though it was believed for most of history that the earth was flat, Isaiah 40:22 specified that the Earth was round (or a "circle") thousands of years before humanity realized it was actually true. 

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