Things Your Mother Told You... That She Was Right About

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Hey mama's boy/girl, vote for the best nugget of advice that you remember hearing from mom. It may have driven you crazy then, but you sure are thankful for it now!

Feeling a little nostalgic? Hop into that proverbial time machine and check out this list of advice from mom! Here you will find reminders of things mom used to say: tokens of good advice from mom, examples of mom’s covert disapproval, as well as the inspirational, life-shaping advice you tried to shrug off like Daria on a first date.

For some of us, it felt like every time we walked out that front door, mom was there to enthusiastically share those little nuggets of unsolicited wisdom. And let’s face it, not all moms can be like Kitty Forman, giggling in the kitchen while making spaghetti and snickerdoodles for a gang of kids who have their own parents. Most moms were telling you to take out the trash or stop talking for just ten minutes (let’s play it safe and bet that “Drink Your Tang!” wasn’t a common phrase in your household).  

And while they aren’t always right, moms are a mystical breed of their own. Regardless of her quirks, the things your mother taught you (and some of the ridiculous phrases she trademarked) will go down in infamy.

Whether you agreed with them or not back then, now you know that mom was probably right!


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    “I’d Rather You Call Me at 2 AM for a Ride Than Drink and Drive”

    Calling your mom and asking for a ride was probably last thing you wanted to do as a buzzed teenager leaving a party. But even worse than seeing her station wagon pull up to your friend's house was the thought of calling her from your holding cell in the local police station. Mom was right about this one: It's way better to be safe than sorry.
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    "Treat Others How You Want to Be Treated"

    It's the Golden Rule. If you didn't hear it quite like this, maybe it was something more along the lines of: "Be nice. You never know who could end up being your boss." Either way, Mom was right. You should be nice to just about everybody.
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    “Chew With Your Mouth Closed”

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re eating a bowl of cereal on your couch solely in the presence of your cat, by all means, chomp away! But no one else wants to see your half-chewed enchilada. If you’re trying to torture your sister or turn a first-date sour, by all means, open wide. Otherwise, have a little class and chew with your mouth closed.
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    “Don’t Get Mixed Up in the Wrong Crowd”

    Peer pressure is a strong force. It can be positive and negative, and it can convince us to do things we’d otherwise never do. Mom wanted to make sure you didn’t fall vulnerable to the other kids’ evil ways. Since it's kind of true that “Once you pop, you can’t stop,” you might as well just not start in the first place.