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You know their voices: the most famous ad campaigns in the world feature some of the most recognizable voices on the planet. But whose voices are they? This list of voices behind famous ad campaigns is here to familiarize you with the men and women behind the microphone of some of the most iconic and well known commercial campaigns of all time. They're the voices you immediately link with a particular ad campaign or commercial without ever knowing the name behind the mic...until now.

From the voice of Apple's Siri (she's real!) to the man who makes every movie trailer seem like it's advertising something infinitesimally better than the flick you're about to see (even though he was probably the voice of that trailer, too), there are numerous celebrity voice actors for you to familiarize yourself with on this round-up of well known voice actors.

What famous actors do commercial voice overs? Who are the most famous voice-over actors? What do voiceover artists look like? This list of famous voice-over artists should get you acquainted with some of the voices you feel like you know but have never met. Prepare to be surprised when you put a face to the voice of timeless brand icons like Tony the Tiger and the "You've Got Mail" guy (he's real, and he knows people want to talk to you through the interwebs!). Once you've gotten familiar with these famous voices, make sure to vote up your favorite voice actors in famous ad campaigns.
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"You've Got Mail" Guy - Elwood Edwards

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"In a World..." Guy - Don Lafontaine

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The Voice of Duracell - Jeff Bridges

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Yes, that Jeff Bridges. See a picture of Jeff Bridges
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"If You'd Like to Make a Call" Lady - Jane Barbe

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