WATCH The Most Horrifically Brutal Thing That Could Happen To You If You Die In Space  

Kellie Kreiss

Space is pretty dangerous, offering up countless ways to kill a human brave or foolish enough to venture forth into the cosmos. If you're going to end up dead in space, cold is the most likely culprit, but there's no shortage of other horrifying options as well.

It's true, dying in space would suck no matter how you look at it, but chances are you'd be too cold floating around in the infinite black abyss to even feel a thing. However, that is not the case when it comes to dying on Jupiter's hell moon, Io.

That's right - one of the most deadly and terrifying moons floating around in our solar system is referred to by a combination of two inconspicuous vowels. But in reality it is everything but inconspicuous - in fact, it's straight up deadly. 

Io is quite literally a boiling pot of hell fire waiting - daring - anything to come close to it. And, assuming you were smart enough to make your way into space at all, here is to hoping you steer clear of this flaming hot pizza planet. 

Buckle up and make sure your space helmet is locked in place, because this video is going to take you on a nightmarish tour to the deepest, scariest reaches of outer space.