Graveyard Shift This Video Explains What It Means When You Fall In Your Dreams  

Mel Judson

A common feature in many peoples' dreams, especially nightmares, is the sensation of falling, be it from the top of a building, rollercoaster, or wherever your mind conjures in the midnight hours. The video below delves into why people so often have free-falling dreams, examining just what they might mean.

Generally, most people believe what they do in the waking hours influences how your dreams manifest themselves. So when you plummet off a trapeze wire in your dreams, it might represent something from your life that your mind focuses on even as you sleep.

The lack of control experienced in a free-falling dream can be a mental response to the lack of control you feel in a job or relationship. If you feel powerless during the day, your mind internalizes the same feeling when you sleep.

Hopefully, this video provides you some helpful information on why these types of dreams occur. Everyone deserves a good night's sleep, and it's much easier to achieve in your dreams if can help yourself fly instead of fall.