Weird Nature This Virtual Simulation of a T-Rex Shows That Their Arms Were Devestating Weapons  

Rebecca High

For years, everyone's believed the mighty prehistoric T. rex had useless, tiny arms, despite its status as fiercest predator on the planet. But new research shown in this video is disproving this long-held perception of this dinosaur's arm strength.

Don't worry: the T. rex is still considered a mighty prehistoric predator with amusingly disproportionate arms; it may simply be that those arms weren't as weak and puny as they look.

Unique arm sockets allow those small limbs to move in many different directions, giving the T. rex an almost 360 degree rotation and superb agility. Combined with wicked claws, the T. rex could slash prey with no hesitation. 

That's the belief among many scientists. Others believe those arms were used for mating. Flexibility and firmness? Sounds like a recipe for some hot times. Watch the video to see more of the latest T. rex intel.