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Thom Mayne Architecture

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List of Thom Mayne buildings, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Most, if not all prominent Thom Mayne architecture appears on this list, including houses, churches and other structures where applicable. This list contains information like what city the structure can be found in, and when it was first opened to the public. If you want to find out even more about these famous Thom Mayne buildings you can click on the building names to get additional information.

This list contains buildings like San Francisco Federal Building and Diamond Ranch High School.

This list answers the questions, "What buildings did Thom Mayne design?" and "What do Thom Mayne structures look like?"
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    University of Toronto Graduate House

    Graduate House at the University of Toronto is a student residence specifically for graduate students, designed by Thom Mayne. It is located at 60 Harbord Street, Toronto....  more
    • City/Town: Ontario, Canada
    • Architect: Thom Mayne
    • Created By: Thom Mayne
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    Wayne L. Morse United States Courthouse

    The Wayne L. Morse United States Courthouse is a federal courthouse located in Eugene, Oregon. Completed in 2006, it serves the District of Oregon as part of the Ninth Judicial Circuit. The courthouse is named in honor of former U.S. Senator Wayne Morse who represented Oregon for 24 years in the Senate and was a Eugene area resident. Located in downtown Eugene, the building overlooks the Willamette River. Standing six stories tall, the 266,742-square-foot building contains six courtrooms as well offices for the courts and other federal agencies such as the United States Marshals Service. The courthouse also has offices for Oregon's two U.S. Senators and for the U.S. Representative in the...  more
    • City/Town: Oregon, USA
    • Opened: Jan 01 1999
    • Architect: Thom Mayne
    • Created By: Thom Mayne
    • Style: Deconstructivism