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21 Times Thor And Loki Were The Most Hilarious Siblings In The MCU

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Family can be tricky, especially if one brother is a demi-god and the other is a chaotic megalomaniac - but hey, what can you do? Throughout the MCU Thor and Loki's relationship has shifted several times. Sometimes they're at each other's throats (literally), and sometimes they manage to work as a team for the greater good (that whole pesky Thanos situation). So, pretty much, they act just like normal brothers. Let's face it: regardless of the stakes, these two just can't help but rail on each other, and the results are hilarious. These are Thor and Loki's best sibling moments. 

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    We Respect The Prank

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    Classic brother energy?
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    That's Fair

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    Classic brother energy?
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    Works Every Time

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    Classic brother energy?
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    Classic Sibling Energy

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    Classic brother energy?