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23 Thor Comebacks That Prove He's Low-Key The Funniest Avenger

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Thor has many titles - King of Asgard, God of Thunder, and soon to be Asgardian of the Galaxy, to name a few. Throughout the series, his rise to power has been matched only by his witty comebacks. Throughout his stint as the famed superhero, Chris Hemsworth has managed to turn a slightly one-dimensional character into a fan favorite - one who has depth, and a killer character arc. Seriously, if you had told us after watching the first movie that he'd become our favorite Avenger we never would have believed it. (Yet, here we are.) We've collected Thor's most epic, unexpected, and flat out hilarious comebacks that might just convince you he's been the Loki best all along. (See what we did there?) 

  • 1. I Barely Know The Guy

    I Barely Know The Guy
    Photo: belalamprecht / Weheartit
  • 2. Oh My God, What Are The Chances?

    Oh My God, What Are The Chances?
    Photo: Grace / Pinterest
  • 3. Just A Man Who Loves Snakes

    Just A Man Who Loves Snakes
    Photo: 9gag / Pinterest
  • 4. He's, He's Not Wrong

    He's, He's Not Wrong
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