Impressive Thor Continuity Details And Callbacks In The MCU That We Missed The First Time Around

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If the success of the MCU has taught the world anything, it's that Marvel Studios knows how to build a comprehensive movie universe comprised of dozens of films. To do that right means getting the continuity details of the MCU correct from one movie to another. This ensures continuity across a trilogy or the whole franchise, and the MCU has been incredibly successful in this department for decades now.

The MCU has become a juggernaut of a franchise, and with dozens of films, there's plenty to watch in the theaters, on Netflix, and on Disney+. There are tons of amazing characters in the MCU, but many fans would argue Thor is the best. He's the strongest Avenger... at least, that's what he says he is, and he's had some outstanding solo outings.

While plenty of people find interesting things while watching any of the movies featuring Thor, only a few take the time to share their findings online. This list takes a look at some of the continuity and callback details that fans have pointed out online.