All The Easter Eggs Hidden In Thor: Ragnarok

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Easter eggs in Marvel movies are almost as much fun as the movies themselves. True to form, there is no shortage of hidden things in Thor: Ragnarok taken straight from the Thor comics, and then some. Not only does the God of Thunder's long history get a ton of nods in the movie, but so does the Emerald Avenger. In fact, one of Hulk's greatest storylines is adapted for this film – despite the fact that his name isn't even on it!

These easter eggs in Thor: Ragnarok are sure to keep you intrigued until the next Marvel release. While some are pretty well known, others are so obscure you might have never heard of them. Beware, there are Hulk-size spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok in this list. If you haven't seen it yet, feel free to peruse the easter eggs of another recent MCU installment, Spider-Man: Homecoming, instead.

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    Brunnhilde May Have Made A Cameo

    Loki forces Valkyrie to have a flashback when the two face off in Ragnarok, in which she relives her first battle with Hela when her warrior sisters, the Valkyrior, were all killed. During the sequence, one particular tall, blonde warrior dives in front of Valkyrie to shield her from a killing blow, sacrificing herself. Though it's never confirmed, the implication is that this heroic warrior is the original Valkyrie, Brunnhilde.

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    Hulk Wears His Ultimate Hulk Ensemble

    When Hulk is not in his armor on Sakaar, he's in relaxed attire with bead necklaces and a lower body wrap. This leisure warrior garb is not only fitting, it is also a direct homage to his outfit in Ultimate Hulk.

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    The Movie Mentions Throg, The Frog Thor

    During Loki's play towards the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok, the characters mention the time Loki turned Thor into a frog. Quite shockingly, this is not pulled from thin air, but is in fact a reference to a character named Throg, the frog version of Thor.

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    There Is Actually A Team Called The Revengers

    Thor calls his ragtag group of Sakaaran outlaws the Revengers. While it's not particularly original (as he's clearly just ripping off the Avengers), a team called the Revengers actually does have a place in Marvel lore.

    One reality in the Marvel Universe is called "The Cancerverse," so named because Death was overcome. That leaves undead versions of beings to roam the Earth, including zombie Avengers called the Revengers.

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    Odin Stole The Eternal Flame From Surtur

    The Eternal Flame is the source of Surtur the fire demon's power, and in Thor: Ragnarok it is made clear that the fire has been taken from Muspelheim and rests in Odin's vault. Surtur must reunite with the fire (his crown in the movie, but his sword in the comics) to gain his true power.

    The fact that it is in Asgard, however, means something else. In the comics, Odin's father, King Bor, sent his three sons to Muspelheim to defeat Surtur by stealing the source of his power. Odin was the only son to survive and returned with the Eternal Flame, leaving him the only heir to the throne. It would seem that his origin story is the same in Thor: Ragnarok, or at least the presence of the Eternal Flame in Asgard hints as much.

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    Korg And Miek Are From Planet Hulk

    Korg the Kronan is an anthropomorphic pile of rocks first introduced in the "Planet Hulk" storyline, as is his knife-wielding companion Miek. The two are a bit more chummy in the movie than the comics, but they're quite endearing.

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