VOTE Should Roseanne's Show Have Been Canceled Because Of Her Racist Tweet?  

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In March 2018, Roseanne returned to the air after more than two decades. While some decried the show and its politics as out of step with the contemporary United States, others rallied around the show and its star, Roseanne Barr. Some consider the Roseanne reboot to be among the most representative shows of American life on TV. However, the eponymous Roseanne created a media firestorm when she issued a racist tweet targeting Valerie Jarrett, aide to former President Barack Obama.

Though Barr cited the sleep aid Ambien as the reason for the tweet, Wanda Sykes announced she was leaving the show shortly after Barr posted it, and ABC subsequently canceled Roseanne. Since ABC's announcement, the internet has been abuzz with opinions on Roseanne's punishment. Was the cancelation justified? What do you think about what's happened to Roseanne in the wake of the tweet?

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409 234
She's a distraction from the bigger issues the United States is facing.

450 297
I think firing Roseanne was warranted, but it's a shame so many people had to lose their jobs with the cancellation.

398 304
I think her comment was unacceptable, but she shouldn't have had her show canceled.

370 302
I accept her apology and don't think the show should have been canceled.

349 292
Her behavior represents the real problems the United States is facing, and I'm glad it's started a conversation.

348 323
She's a victim of political correctness.

322 308
She should have the freedom to make any jokes she wants without fear of losing her job.

267 357
I think her comment was unacceptable and am glad her show got canceled.

176 244
I identify as a conservative and don't think the cancellation of the show was warranted.

160 282
I think Roseanne should've been fired, but the show shouldn't have been canceled.

150 287
I'm glad her show got canceled because I've been waiting for Roseanne to face consequences for her past racist behavior.

138 271
I identify as a liberal and think the cancellation of the show was warranted.

113 241
I identify as a liberal and don't think the cancellation of the show was warranted.

92 265
I loved the original show and the reboot and think the cancellation is a shame, but I support it.

82 278
She was under the influence, and I don't think that behavior should count against her.

63 272
I identify as a conservative and think the cancellation of the show was warranted.

48 318
She got what she deserved for her comment, but I hope she makes a comeback.