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Animals Are Being Poached For Traditional "Medicine" That Has No Medicinal Value

Traditional medicine has historical and cultural significance. Used appropriately, it can help its users feel more connected to the rich histories of their culture, and some treatments are legitimately helpful, either due to scientifically verified benefits of some treatments, or due to the power of the placebo effect. However, many traditional medicines use animals and in many ways these prescriptions have hurt or endangered the animals they've used.

Endangered animals used in traditional medicine include tigers, rhinos, pangolins, and more. Unfortunately, some medical practices are causing animals to go extinct because using them for medicine involves killing and consuming them instead of just, for example, using a non-harmful byproduct.

Not only do animals used in alternative medicine suffer, but often there isn't any real scientific evidence that the treatments have medicinal value. In fact, in some cases, as with bear bile taken from bears living in appalling conditions in factory farms, the treatments can be harmful to humans, too. 

Maybe leaving some of these traditional treatments in the past will help get animals like tigers and rhinoceroses off of the endangered species list, and will lead to better outcomes for human patients.