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Credible Fan Theories That Totally Change Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy 

Jacob Shelton
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The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy might just be England's greatest export. Directed by Edgar WrightShaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End each provide a note-perfect take on a specific genre (horror-comedy, action parody, and sci-fi romp). The films pack in countless jokes and references, thanks in part to quick-witted stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frostand their dense backstories have inspired a deluge of Cornetto Trilogy fan theories. Some Three Flavours trilogy fan theories draw a throughline for the series, while others simply focus on one film. Before you read any further, be warned: if you haven’t seen any of these films, then none of these Edgar Wright fan theories are going to make any sense. You'd better binge-watch the trilogy before reading these movie fan theories and formulating your own.

Edgar Wright’s stunning Cornetto Trilogy has so many amazing moments that it’s hard to determine which is the best. Do you prefer constant foreshadowing and spectacular payoffs? Do you wait to see what crazy edit is going to happen next? Or are you more of a fan of Nick Frost keeping it real? There are no wrong answers here. Go down the rabbit hole and discover all of the things that might be happening in the Cornetto Trilogy, then go round to the Winchester for a pint - you’ve earned it.

The Cake And Ice Cream Was Dosed
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Redditor capedconkerer believes there's a simple explanation for why the other members of the Sanford police force took all of the accidental deaths in their town at face value: they were drugged.

Throughout Hot Fuzz, the police are given cake and ice cream for a variety of reasons, and it's possible that all of the sweets were laced with something to keep the officers docile. Towards the end of the film, Inspector Butterman is so busy trying to stop Nicholas that he doesn't have time to drug the force, and that's why they're able to better mobilize against him and the rest of the secret group.

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The World's End Gets Dark
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The World's End is arguably the darkest film of the Cornetto Trilogy, but this short theory by Redditor psychodave123 makes even darker. In the film, Gary King, having just exited rehab, is planning on returning to his home town and completing a pub crawl called the Golden Mile that he failed to finish when he was a young man. The theory is that, if Gary hadn't been sidetracked and completed the Golden Mile, then he would have killed himself after downing his final drink.

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There Was More Than One Swan In Hot Fuzz
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If you've seen Hot Fuzz, then you know the heights of lunacy that Peter Ian Staker's missing swan drives Nicolas Angel to. Redditor CoccyxCracker has a question about that swan: what if there was another one? The theory is based on the hint dropped about there being multiple killers. A member of the Sanford secret circle asks, "No luck in catching them killers then?," a reference to when she asked about the swans earlier in the film and was corrected by Danny. Maybe there were two swans after all.

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The Met Chief Inspector Was In On The Whole Thing
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In Hot Fuzz, the moment Nicolas finds out he's being sent to Sanford, he tries to argue his way up the chain until he's put in his place by the Met Chief Inspector. The boss says Nicholas is going away to stop him from making the rest of the force look bad - but what if that's not the case?

A Reddit user going by the name of TopKat_ believes the MCI either knew about the secret society and was trying to have Nicholas killed, or that he knew about the mysterious deaths in Sanford and felt like Nicholas could solve the mystery, but didn't want to give him all of the information up top.

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