20 Movies to Show Your Kids to Get Them into Thrillers

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Vote up your favorite thrillers that are appropriate for kids and teens that will teach them to love and respect thriller movies.

There are plenty of good thrillers for kids. A quality thriller can be the kind of film that stays with you for months, even years, so it's understandable that cinephiles everywhere are eager to get kids into thrillers. Below, you'll find some thriller movies for beginners. These fantastic films hit all the notes that make a thriller great - an intriguing plot, dangerous situations, chase scenes, and more - but avoid the gratuitous use of violence and unsavory language. Browse this list to find some classic thrillers appropriate for kids! 

As your kids become teens and tweens, they'll be less easily frightened. This means, they can handle some more mature content without getting nightmares. The Prestige, for example, features rival magicians whose ambition has tragic consequences. Not to mention, the fact the film features Nikola Tesla presents a great opportunity to teach your teenagers a little something about science and history. Inception is truly a mind bending film that will enrich your kids by forcing them to constantly examine and rethink the plot, but it avoids the heavy levels of violence associated with the genre. 

What are the best classic thriller movies kids can watch? Vote your favorites to the top of the list! 

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