The Best Snowy Thriller Movies, Ranked

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Vote up the top thrillers set in the cold, snowy winter.

Frigid temperatures and icy conditions add to the intensity of great thrillers set in the winter. The best snowy thriller movies feature characters fighting the elements as they attempt to save their own lives. This is a list of the top thrillers set in winter, including everything from The Day After Tomorrow to 30 Days of Night to Snowpiercer.

What films will you find on this list of wintery action movies? The nerve-rattling finale of The Shining, set in snow in the middle of a labyrinth, is an unforgettable icy sequence. Fargo is another great movie set in the winter, when the snow can't quite cover up the traces of murder. The Thing is one of the most suspenseful films ever produced, thanks in part to its desolate, frozen setting in an Antarctic research base. Other movies featured on this best snowy thriller films list include The Grey, Hanna, and Murder on the Orient Express.

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