Twitter Good News, Tide Kicked Off 2018 With A Warning Not To Eat Its Laundry Pods  

Mick Jacobs
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Instead of starting out strong with solid New Year's resolutions or the promise of better things, 2018 began with people eating Tide Pods. The Tide Pod craze is the latest trend to rise out of the ADD-driven internet, and centers on the public's supposed desire to consume the colorful packets of detergent.

Okay, so not everyone wants to eat them, but the Tide Pod memes have gained so much traction that Tide issued a formal warning that boils down to "don't eat Tide Pods." Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, buyers need an idiot-proof warning sign to remind them that eating Tide Pods is not a good idea. 

While certainly not the weirdest thing humans have ever consumed, Tide Pods do mark a moment when a lot of people — including furries — appear to be on on the same page regarding the meme. 

If people want to eat Tide Pods, you can't really stop them, but a few well-placed Tide Pod jokes might force them to reconsider. Otherwise, their first big trip of 2018 won't be to Aspen, CO for skiing; it'll be to the ER for a stomach pump. Seriously, don't actually eat Tide Pods. 

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