Tiffany Jenks Was Killed By A Random Stranger - But People Aren't Willing To Accept That

Early on the morning of October 8, 2013, Tiffany Jenks met up with three people in the parking lot of the Mystic nightclub in Portland, Oregon, after having spent the evening out drinking. At the end of the all-night bender, the foursome ended up at Blue Lake Park where Jenks was then shot in the head after apparently getting into an argument with one of her new friends. Her body was discovered later that morning and the three people believed to be involved in her murder were apprehended fairly quickly; however, the internet still doesn’t believe that the case is quite as open and shut as it seems.

Much like with the case of Natalie Woods, this is one of those mysterious deaths where it seems that as more information is discovered, more questions are revealed. Even though police were able to figure out exactly who killed Tiffany Jenks, no one has been able to figure out why. To add to the mystery, facts about the Tiffany Jenks murder are scant, offering only the most vague details about what truly happened to her.

When a crime such as this leaves so many questions unanswered, it lends itself to the mercy of a slew of conspiracy theories. Was Tiffany Jenks killed by the Illuminati? Did she make enemies with the Oregon State Police? Some people think one of these explanations may lead to the truth, and even though there’s someone behind bars for the murder of Tiffany Jenks, there are still far more questions left unanswered than there are in even some of the most perplexing unsolved murders.

  • Many Believe That She May Have Been A Victim Of A CIA Mind-Control Experiment

    Many of the people who refuse to believe that Tiffany Jenks was murdered in an act of senseless, random violence point out that her erratic behavior leading up to the incident was strikingly similar to that of victims of MK-Ultra mind control experiments. To put it briefly: MK-Ultra was an early cold war-era program that saw the United States attempting to create spies and assassins that could be turned on and off, essentially like Jason Bourne or Raymond Shaw in The Manchurian Candidate. Many people who allegedly underwent this MK-Ultra conditioning acted out in bizarre ways that were similar to how Tiffany Jenks was reportedly acting on the night of her death.

    According to Jenks's ex, John S. Captain III, when Tiffany would drink alcohol, her behavior would undergo a marked change. She would stop being the sweet physicist he knew and become shockingly angry. Captain claimed that she would say things like, “When you find out who I really am you will hate me." While all of that could be seen as a nod toward her secret MK-Ultra conditioning, it also sounds like the symptoms of someone struggling with depression and addiction issues.

    In an audio recording of one of Jenks's therapy sessions that has since been deleted, you can allegedly hear her therapist making knocking sounds, which many believe to be a hypnotic trigger. The therapist also allegedly mentions the "yellow brick road," a reference to the Wizard of Oz, which many conspiracy theorists also believe contains occult messages

  • Bruynell Claims That Jenks Wanted Him To Shoot Her

    While Robinett and Worden-Brosey claim that they were in the bushes having sex while Bruynell argued with Tiffany Jenks moments before killing her, the gunman claims that this just isn't true. Rather, he says that everyone was outside of the car in Blue Lake Park and that Robinett had handed him a .357 revolver before then telling Bruynell to shoot Jenks. He also claims that Jenks was so drunk that she was screaming at Bruynell and daring him to kill her. So he did.

    Afterward, Bruynell claims that Robinett and Worden-Brosey congratulated him on killing the woman and that the trio then stopped at a motel for a few hours before taking Bruynell to the station to catch his bus back to Oakland.

  • The Gun Used In The Murder Didn't Have A Serial Number

    One of the major events that really began bringing the conspiracy theorists to this strange case was when Daniel Bruynell's decided to buy a handgun. Rather than pick one up in Oakland, CA, (where he lived at the time) Bruynell decided to take a trip north to Portland, OR, to buy one from his friend Josh Robinett. He and Robinett had previously worked together in California, and purchasing a gun must have been as good an excuse as any to go see his friend.

    On October 7, 2013, the two men met up and Bruynell purchased the gun, which happened to have had the serial number completely "obliterated" from its side. Bruynell paid for the weapon in cash and the two men, along with Robinett's girlfriend, went out to celebrate.

  • Tiffany's Ex-Boyfriend Plays A Strange Role In The Story

    Perhaps one of the strangest parts in the Tiffany Jenks murder puzzle is the role played by her ex-boyfriend, John S. Captain III. He's noticeably missing from all of the major news coverage surrounding Tiffany's death - and as a result you can't find a conspiracy theory about Jenks's murder that doesn't mention something about Captain. 

    In a sprawling interview with Ed Opperman, Captain claims that while he and Tiffany were dating, she slept at the home of her "handler," where she was forced to make a bed for herself on the floor. He also claims that she had wracked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills because of drug addiction and suicide attempts, and that she had gone into drug and alcohol treatment programs on at least two occasions. 

    Captain also claims that during the investigation into Tiffany's death, the Oregon State Police attempted to rope him into the case by saying that Jenks had left a set of mysterious bags in his home. He goes on to say that any bags in his home that had been owned by Jenks were empty.

    Captain later made a petition in hopes of getting the FBI to review the Jenks case; however, he's since removed all audio and video of Jenks from his web presence and no longer seems to be actively pursuing a case against the Oregon State Police.

  • Her Father Worked At Los Alamos

    According to conspiracy theorists, Jenks's father worked at the Los Alamos military base in New Mexico. For those who slept through history class, Los Alamos is also known as being the birthplace of the atomic bomb. 

    Conspiracy theorists believe that many people who were (or are) turned into MK-Ultra operatives came from families with ties to the military. Her father's connection to one of the most important moments in American history (no matter how tangential) puts her in prime conspiracy theory territory. There's even a particular group of theorists who believe Jenks was involved with MK-Ultra, or the CIA, and that she was recruited because of her father.

  • The Soon-To-Be Killers Spent All Night Drinking

    On the night of October 7, 2013, and well into the next morning, Daniel Bruynell along with Josh Robinett and his girlfriend Michelle Worden-Brosey went on a bar crawl that took them to many of the popular dive bars and strip clubs around Portland, OR. According to court documents, Robinett said that they went to at least three strip clubs before finally crossing paths with Tiffany Jenks. As the story goes, "[Robinett] wasn't sure who first met Ms. Jenks, but he did recall Mr. Bruynell talking to her." CCTV footage obtained from one of the clubs would later confirm that Jenks had in fact been hanging out with the deadly trio.