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A Complete Investigation Of Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter’s Complicated Romance

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are two of Hollywood's biggest, most beloved stars. She is known for her acting roles in everything from Fight Club to The Wings of the Dove, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. He is a legendary director responsible for Hollywood blockbusters like Batman and bizarre, surrealist fantasies like Corpse Bride.

Bonham Carter and Burton are also two of the most enigmatic people working in the movie business, so it makes sense that they had a 13-year relationship - and have two children together. The partnership between Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton brought two of the entertainment industry's quirkiest people together and gave us numerous brilliantly eccentric movies, from Alice in Wonderland to Sweeney Todd.

Though they were never married - and broke up in 2014 - film fans continue to reap the benefits of their partnership, and stories of their relationship are, as you might expect, just as entertaining and unconventional as their art.

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    Burton’s Ex Sold His Belongings After He Broke Up With Her To Be With Bonham Carter

    Burton's breakup with Lisa Marie created animosity that eventually ended in a property settlement in 2004. The following year, she began to sell some of his belongings online, including merchandise from films Burton had directed.

    “Allegedly, these items include props, memorabilia, and costumes from various films I have directed, as well as some drawings of mine that were private gifts - never meant for public display or purchase,” Burton said in a statement. He went on to disparage his former partner for attempting to misuse his possessions and informed the media he had not authorized the sale of the items. 

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    They Have Two Children Together

    Bonham Carter and Burton have two children together. They gave birth to son Billy Raymond - named after their fathers - in 2003. When the couple had a daughter in 2007, they admittedly struggled to agree on a name.

    After seven months, they finally announced they had chosen the name Nell, a diminutive form of Helen. The name is meant to honor “all the Helens in the family," as Bonham Carter's mother and grandmother are named Elena and Helene, respectively.

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    Burton Took Charge Of The Family's Holiday Decorations

    Bonham Carter confirmed that while she and Burton had a relatively conventional relationship, things did get a bit eccentric around Christmas. The actor allowed Burton to take control of the decorations during the holiday season - after all, he was the creator of The Nightmare Before Christmas. On the other hand, he created The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Thus, the Bonham Carter/Burton Christmas tree took on an annually untraditional appearance: it sported zombies and other scary ornaments.

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    They Both Have Eclectic Sartorial Sensibilities

    The public was fascinated with the couple for so many years in part because they were charming in their eccentricity. This manifested in their attire: they often appeared in less-than-pristine - even disheveled-looking - clothing. The media described the two as goths on occasion, thanks to their fondness for wearing black clothes and sporting unkempt hair.

    Bonham Carter said, "I'm ­often criticized for what I wear. That's my main label in the press now: disastrous dresser!... Sometimes it's really offensive, but it's kind of affectionate now. We're like the 'bonkers couple.'"