A Complete Investigation Of Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter’s Complicated Romance

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are two of Hollywood's biggest, most beloved stars. She is known for her acting roles in everything from Fight Club to The Wings of the Dove, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. He is a legendary director responsible for Hollywood blockbusters like Batman and bizarre, surrealist fantasies like Corpse Bride.

Bonham Carter and Burton are also two of the most enigmatic people working in the movie business, so it makes sense that they had a 13-year relationship - and have two children together. The partnership between Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton brought two of the entertainment industry's quirkiest people together and gave us numerous brilliantly eccentric movies, from Alice in Wonderland to Sweeney Todd.

Though they were never married - and broke up in 2014 - film fans continue to reap the benefits of their partnership, and stories of their relationship are, as you might expect, just as entertaining and unconventional as their art.