The Best Tim Curry Movies And TV Shows Of All Time

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With over 3,500 fans voting to shape the rankings, it's clear that Tim Curry is a beloved actor with many memorable performances. From the classic comedy of Clue to the horror thrills of It, there are plenty of great movies and TV shows starring this legendary actor. However, some stand out from others; here’s our ranking of the best Tim Curry movies and TV shows.

The dark campy comedy The Rocky Horror Picture Show is certainly one of his most iconic roles and it takes its rightful place near the top of this list as well. In it, he brings Dr. Frank N Furter to life in all his mad scientist glory and manages to be both funny and terrifying at once - no easy feat. Then there's Legend in which he plays Lord Darkness with aplomb while also providing much needed comic relief throughout its runtime. It's an underrated fantasy film, but its use of practical effects as well as Curry’s performance make it worth watching again and again.

Other notable mentions include Curry playing Wadsworth in Clue who steals almost every scene he appears in with his deadpan delivery or Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT where he delivers such an unsettling portrayal that you can feel your skin crawl long after you finish watching him on-screen. Any fan should check these movies out if they haven't already – don't forget to vote up your favorites on this list so everyone knows what makes them special, too.

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