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Items featured on this poll include everything from Time Crisis to Time Crisis II.

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  • Time Crisis II
    132 votes
    Jan 01 1998

    Time Crisis II represents a quantum leap in terms of graphics and gameplay compared to its predecessor, showcasing the power of Namco's System 23 arcade hardware. The story follows two skilled VSSE agents, Keith Martin and Robert Baxter, who are tasked with rescuing a scientist held hostage by a terrorist organization known as Neodyne Industries. What sets this game apart from other rail shooters is its innovative dual pedal system, allowing players to strategically take cover and pop out to dispatch enemies with deadly precision. Additionally, its superb cooperative mode fosters teamwork, as both players synchronize their actions to complete the mission while competing for the highest score.

  • Time Crisis 3
    158 votes
    Jan 01 2002

    Taking the series to new heights, Time Crisis 3 introduced an arsenal of selectable secondary weapons and an engaging story set on the fictional island of Astigos in the Mediterranean Sea. Players step into the shoes of Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert, two skilled VSSE agents sent to thwart a military coup led by General Diaz, who aims to launch missiles at surrounding countries. The game features the iconic pedal system, but ups the ante with the addition of machine guns, shotguns, and grenade launchers, making for a more strategic and immersive experience. Its exhilarating gameplay and vibrant visuals make Time Crisis 3 a standout entry in the series.

  • Time Crisis
    85 votes

    The game that started it all, Time Crisis laid the foundation for one of the most iconic arcade rail shooter franchises ever. Players control Richard Miller, a no-nonsense VSSE agent, who is on a solo mission to save the President's daughter from the sinister Wild Dog and his henchmen. The game's groundbreaking cover system, which uses a foot pedal to alternate between attack and defense, was a breath of fresh air in a genre dominated by mindless shooting galleries. Time Crisis' simplicity, paired with its addictive gameplay and tense shootouts, cemented its status as an arcade classic.

  • Time Crisis 4
    89 votes
    Jun 20 2006

    Time Crisis 4 takes the series to the next level by incorporating a free-roaming mode called "First Person Shooting Mode," in addition to the traditional on-rails gameplay. In this installment, players assume the roles of new VSSE agents, Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard, as they battle against a terrorist cell seeking to unleash a deadly bioweapon. The game features breathtaking visuals, as well as the return of the beloved pedal cover system, but it's the introduction of the GunCon 3 controller for PlayStation 3 that truly elevates the experience. By combining gyroscopic motion controls with traditional input methods, Time Crisis 4 delivers an immersive and exhilarating gameplay experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

  • Crisis Zone
    56 votes
    Jan 01 1999

    Crisis Zone is a spin-off title that sets itself apart by focusing on fast-paced, destructible environments and explosive action. Players control Claude McGarren, a member of the elite Special Tactical Force, as he fights to regain control of a shopping center taken over by terrorists. The game retains the iconic pedal cover system from the Time Crisis series but introduces a unique mechanic where players wield a sub-machine gun with unlimited ammunition. Blasting through swarms of enemies and tearing down environments has never been more satisfying, making Crisis Zone a must-play for fans of the genre.

  • Time Crisis 5
    55 votes

    Time Crisis 5


    With enhanced graphics, refined gameplay mechanics, and a gripping narrative, Time Crisis 5 marks a triumphant return for the legendary series. The story revolves around newcomer VSSE agents Luke O' Neil and Marc Godart as they unravel a sinister plot involving betrayal within the agency itself. This installment introduces the innovative "Double Pedal System," allowing players to switch between two distinct cover positions during battles, resulting in more strategic and intense firefights. Time Crisis 5 also boasts a variety of slick new weapons and a challenging "True Mastermind" mode, ensuring that fans have plenty of content to sink their teeth into.