Great Drama Movies That Play with Time

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Only dramatic films that have elements of time travel and skipping through time. No comedies or straight sci-fi movies.

Time can be a tricky thing. A minute can feel like a year, but an entire year can go by in the flash of an instant. The best drama movies that play with time skip ahead to show how characters grow, or sometimes allow them to change the future by making adjustments to the past. This is a list of the top time drama movies including everything from Brigadoon to The Butterfly Effect to Pleasantville.

What films will you find on this list of the best dramas about time? Though you might think of it as a holiday classic above all else, It's a Wonderful Life also features plenty of dashes forward and backward in time. Midnight in Paris allows fans to experience several inspiring eras in French history in one great film, while Slaughterhouse-Five sees the hapless Billy Pilgrim become "unstuck in time." Other good movies featured on this top dramatic time travel movies list include The Time Traveler's Wife, About Time, and The Lake House.

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