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16 Movies And Shows Where People Keep Reliving The Same Day Over And Over

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As we embrace the “shelter-in-place” lifestyle, each day can feel eerily the same: Wake up. Watch the news. Take a walk. More news. Stream a show. Sleep. Repeat.

And repeat. And repeat. And repeat. 

Maybe there’s a variation or two, but for the most part, it feels like we're condemned to live the same day over and over. How to keep our sanity? Fear not: Hollywood has a few suggestions. Not only can we draw inspiration from Phil Connors’s epic struggle in Groundhog Day, but the same trope is explored in several other movies and TV episodes. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • The classic of the genre, it was only a modest hit when originally released in 1993. However, it's now considered one of the best comedy films of all time. The movie also solidified Bill Murray’s status as an American treasure.

    Phil Connors (Murray) is an arrogant Pittsburgh weathercaster who lives a seemingly charmed - but empty - life. After covering the annual Groundhog Day festivities in Punxsutawney, he tries to escape the podunk town before a snowstorm hits.  

    Not only does he find himself stuck in town, but he gets caught in a loop, reliving February 2 countless times.

    While initially dealing with the fun and games of Phil using his situation to gorge on fattening food in a consequence-free environment or manipulate a woman to fall in love with him, the film eventually digs deeper to explore Phil’s feelings of helplessness and depression. Eventually, he finds inner peace when he decides to work on the only thing he can control: himself. It’s a lesson we can all learn from.

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  • Tom Cruise is an Army major with no experience on the front line. But you can bet - during this one long "auto-repeat" day - he's going to get some.

    It turns out the bad guys are one huge super-organism, and until Cruise can take out "The Omega," he is doomed to keep losing his life in conflict.

    Edge of Tomorrow is a pretty entertaining flick to watch while being willfully housebound. Although fighting the exact same conflict day after day does sound like drudgery, there are worse fates Cruise could repeat - like, say, making a sequel to Days of Thunder.

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  • US Army captain Colter Stevens has eight minutes to stop a commuter train from blowing up. Or is he actually a schoolteacher named Sean Fentress? He'll have plenty of time to work through the details someday. But right now, he needs to stop that train from blowing up, or everyone will suffer that fate over and over.

    Directed by Duncan Jones, this sci-fi thriller stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Stevens, a combat vet who tries to solve the mystery of exactly who he is while attempting to save those around him.

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  • Lucy (Drew Barrymore) thinks today is her birthday. Problem is, she thinks every day is her birthday. After being involved in a traffic collision, which cost her the ability to store new memories, Lucy is unaware of her condition. Her father (Blake Clark) and brother, Doug (Sean Astin), take great pains to hide the truth from her by always providing her with a newspaper from October 13 and watching the exact same Minnesota Vikings game, day after day.

    Things take a turn when Lucy meets Henry (Adam Sandler). The two hit it off, but the next day she has no memory of him. So he has to woo her for approximately... 50 first dates.

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