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Who Should Be TIME Magazine's Person of the Year 2015?

Updated 14 Jun 2019 19.4k votes 598 voters 4.9k views52 items

TIME magazine is currently polling for who should be its Person of the Year in 2015, with a wide selection of world leaders, entertainment luminaries, and business giants. With so many momentous stories in news, business, and entertainment this year, the people's choice for TIME magazine Person of the Year 2015 is sure to be someone who made a tremendous impact on the news.

As with all other years, TIME's Person of the Year for 2015 isn't necessarily the best person. After all, this is a title Adolf Hitler received multiple times. Instead, this title goes to the most newsworthy person, someone who made the news orbit around them and set the tone for everyone else. This is a person who dominated the headlines, for better or worse, and without whom 2015 would be inconceivable.

Here's your chance to vote up the people you think should be the TIME Person of the Year in 2015, or vote down the notable individuals you think aren't worthy.
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