The Best Time Travel Movies Ever Made

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Over 5,000 movie fans have voted to shape these rankings of the best time travel movies of all time. Time travel films are always a fascinating concept, allowing us to explore new worlds and different eras within our lifetime. From classics like Back To The Future and Groundhog Day, to modern-day takes on the genre like Source Code and Primer, there's something for everyone here in this list.

Timecrimes is a Spanish thriller from 2007 about a man who unknowingly travels back into his past after stumbling upon an experimental machine in a nearby forest. Looper, which sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing as one of two versions of himself - one sent through time from 2044 so that he can be killed by his future self in 2074. And don't forget about Simon Well’s 2002 adaptation of H.G Wells's classic novel The Time Machine; it has remained popular since its release over the years thanks to its compelling story and impressive special effects.

These are just some standout examples from the 100+ entries included on this list - make sure you vote up your favorites so they stay at the top With enough fan votes, we might even uncover some hidden gems along the way too.

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