Weird History Were The Green Children Of Woolpit Time Travelers, Or Visitors From Another World?  

Mick Jacobs

Picture this: it's the 12th century in Woolpit, England—you probably can't even place Woolpit on a map today, so imagine how small and isolated it was back then. Two children, a boy and a girl, appear in the village. They have green skin and they don't speak a word of English. Wait, what?

According to legend, the green children of Woolpit arrived together, but the boy died before he could learn English. The girl survived, though, and eventually learned to communicate.

The girl said she and her brother came from an underground place called St. Martin's Land. She said they were walking one day when they came across a tunnel and decided to explore it, which eventually led them topside.

It could be just a folk tale, but the story of the green children of Woolpit continues to intrigue people interested in time travel. Some believe the children walked through a time slip, and they came from another era - or even another world. Watch the video below to get the full story.