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16 Timeless Anime That Will Never Get Stale

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These days, there are countless anime scattered across a myriad of streaming services. Some are huge successes, while others flounder into obscurity. But, there are a few that have stood the test of time, standing as monuments to the medium as a whole! 

These classics are not only endlessly rewatchable but are also some of the best all-time anime any fan would recommend first, above all others. This list of timeless anime showcases the gems we've all watched a thousand times over, and we would gladly binge again. Whether it's because these shows feature characters whose antics never get old or storylines with deeper mysteries that deserve continuous analysis, these anime are simply fun to watch on repeat. Here are the 16 timeless anime that will never get stale!

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    Saitama is a hero unlike any other. Despite his weird look and garish costume, Saitama is possibly the strongest fighter in the world; with a single punch, he can defeat any foe or monster in his path... a fact that depresses Saitama endlessly.

    The anime features astoundingly animated fights, despite their one-sidedness, and a variety of intriguingly designed heroes, villains, and all manner of monsters. Despite being grounded as more of a comedy series, it features epic brawls and repeatedphilosophical questioning of what exactly it truly means to be a hero.

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    Light Yagami goes from elite high school student to self-proclaimed god upon implementation of a mystical and deadly notebook with the ability to kill. A majority of the plotline involves Light's conflict with the brilliant and bizarre international detective known only as "L."

    The twists, turns, and manipulations between the two and the numerous pawns in between make for a thrilling supernatural crime story that doesn't grow old. The game of cat and mouse between the two specifically being a compelling arc that is well worth revisiting.

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  • Outlaw Star has every space western trope and character blended together in an unforgettable story. Following mercenary Gene Starwind as he and his ragtag team take their ship across the known galaxy. The series is fun and filled with all sorts of interesting characters, unique designs, and great action sequences. Outlaw Star has an episodic storyline to it, with so many plots and stand-alone episodes worth rewatching alone.

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    "Kick logic to the curb and do the impossible!" This is the iconic quote of Gurren Lagann's lead, Kamina, and a philosophy that not only affects its characters, but also the very core of the series. This mecha anime that builds upon the foundations of the sub-genre and creates something new. It features some of the most incredible mecha fights in anime history from underground, into space, and across dimensions. 

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