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A Timeline Of How Fyre Fest Became A Humiliating Disaster

Updated 31 Jul 2019 68.9k views16 items

The way Fyre Festival played out is nothing short of a millennial-themed bait-and-switch. Fyre Fest originally advertised an extravagant, music-filled getaway on a private island in the Bahamas, complete with the hottest Instagram influencers and every exotic activity you could imagine. For a modest starting ticket price of $500, the average Joe could live a life of luxury during the event. Rapper Ja Rule added his name to promotions, giving it even more cred. 

But what really happened when planes full of eager party-goers touched down was nothing short of a music festival horror show. The promised dream vacation set to a live Major Lazer soundtrack quickly dissipated into thin, tropical air. Attendees were off-loaded from yellow school buses into the chaos of frantic vloggers, FEMA tents, wet mattresses, no facilities, and limp cheese sandwiches.

Fyre Festival's grand ringleader, William "Billy" McFarland, is no stranger to controversy. The timeline of Fyre Festival underscores McFarland's shady business practices and proves the festival was little more than an elaborate scheme to mislead people and get rich quick. 

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