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14 Times Action Movie Heroes Should Have Bitten The Dust But Didn't, Ranked By Cheapness

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Action movies are known for their gory gunfights, high-stakes missions, and engaging characters. However, there's another element that makes for a good action movie: plenty of plot armor to cover the main characters.

It's an unavoidable truth. No matter how hopeless the situation might appear, you can pretty much bet the main character won't croak, if only because it will ruin the movie's happy ending. At times, the character in question magically just gets better, no explanation needed. Other times, the character might offer a halfhearted excuse that explains their survival, even if it's totally nonsensical. Still other movies allow characters to simply reappear, without addressing the fact that they obviously passed just moments before.

Sometimes it's better to let the movie's tough guy kick the bucket, rather than bringing him back and forcing the audience to collectively roll their eyes. Take a look at some of the most egregious examples of fake-out deaths and vote up the saves that are unbearably chintzy.