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12 Times Batman Had To Get Saved By Another Person

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Batman, the Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne - whatever you want to call him, it's important to remember that he's just a man, and sometimes, he needs a little help. Like Tony Stark, Batman has had his bacon saved by friends, colleagues, villains, and even regular people in the pursuit of justice.

It's important to remember that superheroes need help, too. Audiences are used to seeing everyday people save characters like Spider-Man and Superman, but Batman doesn't exactly invite kindness into his life. He wears black Kevlar, he drives a big, nasty car, and he acts like a big bat. He's not the kind of guy who's going to ask for help, you know? 

For most of Batman's cinematic voyage, he spends his time saving people, but in pretty much every movie - including the animated Mask of the Phantasm - someone has to save him from imminent danger. It doesn't matter if Batman is going at it solo or working with the entire Justice League - the guy is a magnet for trouble. But which of these saves is the most important? That's for you to decide.