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12 Times Batman Had To Get Saved By Another Person

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Batman, the Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne - whatever you want to call him, it's important to remember that he's just a man, and sometimes, he needs a little help. Like Tony Stark, Batman has had his bacon saved by friends, colleagues, villains, and even regular people in the pursuit of justice.

It's important to remember that superheroes need help, too. Audiences are used to seeing everyday people save characters like Spider-Man and Superman, but Batman doesn't exactly invite kindness into his life. He wears black Kevlar, he drives a big, nasty car, and he acts like a big bat. He's not the kind of guy who's going to ask for help, you know? 

For most of Batman's cinematic voyage, he spends his time saving people, but in pretty much every movie - including the animated Mask of the Phantasm - someone has to save him from imminent danger. It doesn't matter if Batman is going at it solo or working with the entire Justice League - the guy is a magnet for trouble. But which of these saves is the most important? That's for you to decide.

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    Alfred Rescues Batman From A Burning House (‘Batman Begins’)

    When Bruce Wayne is just learning how to be the best Batman he can be, he turns a blind eye to Henri Ducard, otherwise known as Ra's al Ghul. Wayne feels he owes Ducard his life after the League of Shadows leader saved him from prison (more on that later), so he doesn't notice when Ducard is busy smuggling a high-powered microwave emitter out of Wayne Enterprises. 

    Ducard pops in for Wayne's birthday bash to drop off a present that's actually more like one of those "experience" gifts rather than something he picked up at the mall. The League of Shadows big man reveals his true identity and informs the billionaire that he's going to kill him before destroying Gotham's water supply. Oh, and he's going to burn Wayne Manor to the ground. After Ducard leaves to go about his business, a very tired Alfred makes his way through the burning building to pull a fiery beam off of Wayne and usher him to the basement through a freight elevator. Maybe Alfred should be the actual Batman here.

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    Vicki Vale Saves Batman With A Flash Of Her Camera (‘Batman’)

    Batman never really needs help until, you know, he really needs help. In Tim Burton's classic take on the Gotham City Crusader, Batman runs into a small problem when he goes head-to-head with a bunch of the Joker's henchmen. They manage to subdue him, but rather than stomp him to dust or blow him up, they decide they want to get a look at the man beneath the mask.

    Before they have a chance to remove his cowl, intrepid reporter Vicki Vale takes a photo of the crew, and the flash on her camera diverts their interest long enough for Batman to collect his wits. Thank goodness for oversized flashbulbs.

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    Wonder Woman Saves Batman From Parademons (‘Justice League’)

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    As tough and gadgeted-out as Batman is, he's not really cut out to take on an entire army of hive-mind alien shock troops who only know how to kill. But that's exactly what he tries to do when Steppenwolf combines the Motherboxes in an out-of-the-way Russian village.

    Batman, sans Justice League, speeds toward Steppenwolf, but he's beset with Parademons from the jump. The creatures tear their way into the Batmobile, ripping away its doors and windows as the Dark Knight tears through the city. Just when it looks like he's about to be Parademoned to death, Wonder Woman shows up and whomps these creeps before depositing Aquaman on the Batmobile to keep Bruce company - and maybe to remind Bruce that he's not a superhuman like the rest of the folks in his crew.

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    Jim Gordon Saves Batman From The Joker After Faking His Own Demise (‘The Dark Knight’)

    In The Dark Knight, all of Gotham's heroes are stretched to the limit when the ol' agent of chaos himself sends the city into a tailspin of anarchy. Batman does his best to save the city, but he needs a lot of help, and in this instance, Jim Gordon lays out an ultra-layered plan to save Bruce's bacon.

    First, Gordon fakes his own demise while saving the mayor's life, then as part of a convoy that's transporting Harvey Dent to prison, Gordon pretends to be a police guard to keep the DA safe. So how does he save Batman? The convoy is a ploy meant to pull the Joker out of hiding, which totally works, but when Batman and the Clown Prince of Crime come face-to-face, the psychotic villain nearly stomps the Dark Knight into next week. Or he would have if Gordon hadn't rolled up and stuck a shotgun in his neck.

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