Every Time Batman Has Brutally Murdered People Over The Decades

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Believe it or not, the list of people Batman has killed is pretty long. Forget that the Dark Knight's supposed "one rule" is that he doesn't kill, he's actually a mass murdering maniac. This is especially true of his earliest adventures, which saw the vigilante brandishing and using a gun every chance he got. From mowing down villains to times Batman killed innocent people just to take the Joker down, there's no shortage of death at the hands of Batman. He might even have the biggest body count of all the DC superheroes.

The people Batman has murdered (be it outright or accidentally) includes the Joker, a vampire named the Monk, Dracula, and even Darkseid himself. He's shot people, burned them alive, hacked them to pieces, drained them of their blood, and hung them from the Batplane. It's a wonder this psychopath is still generally regarded as one of the best superheroes. Here are people Batman killed who didn't deserve it, so you can decide which end of the moral spectrum he truly falls on.