25 Times Batman Was A Major Dick In Comics

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Batman: dark protector of Gotham City. The Dark Knight is a hero, mentor, and philanthropist. Yet, sometimes, he can be kind of a dick. Superheroes can't be super 24/7, and few of them prove this more often than Batman. When has Batman been downright rude and an all-around not nice guy?

This list includes the many occasions when Batman was a total jerk to both his allies and his enemies. There's everything from mistreating people who trusted him to straight up murder. Surely the pressures of being one of the most popular superheroes ever can be daunting and, sure, no one is perfect - but no one lets the jerk flag fly like Batman. Maybe he's just getting cranky after 75+ years of existence?

Take a look below to read about the many times Batman was a dick and remember that it isn't always saving lives and fighting crime with this superhero.