12 Times Black Mirror Scarily Predicted The Future As We Know It

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On the surface, Black Mirror is an exploration of the many ways technology dominates our lives. Ostensibly set in the near future or an alternative reality in the present (depending on the narrative of the episode), the show has managed to do something astounding – even for an inventive, well-made television series – Black Mirror predicts the future. It's actually a bit disquieting how spot-on some of its prophetic storylines have been. Not many shows like Black Mirror have managed to be so spot on.

Science fiction often takes place within the realm of possibility, and many sci-fi works have proven to be more than a little foreboding. But it's often taken years, decades even, for these predictions to play out. Black Mirror, on the other hand, has only been on the air for five seasons, and yet, some of the series's most outlandish predictions have already come true. What other prophecies might the show have in store for us?

In the meantime, marvel at a dozen instances in which Black Mirror predicted the future, and make sure to vote up the eeriest real-world parallels.