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11 Times Captain America Was a D*ck in Comics

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List RulesVote up Captain America's most egregiously d*ckish moments in Marvel Comics history.

Captain America is everything that is right about being a superhero and doing good. However, no one is perfect. This list compiles some comic book examples of times Captain America was a total d*ck! He may be all bald eagles and smiles 99% of the time, but the leader of the Avengers has made plenty of boneheaded moves over the years. 

Good ol' Steve Rogers has been around for decades (granted, some of that was spent floating around inside of an iceberg). That means he has had way more time to screw up and look like a total jerk in front of the rest of the Marvel Universe. But wait, it's not just Steve Rogers that has slipped up. There have been other dicks under that white winged cowl over the years, and they totally blew it too! Hell, even alternate reality versions of Captain America have been jerks.

So, not to burst your superhero bubble, but here's a list of times Captain America was a d*ck. Being a national hero and the embodiment of a country must be a lot of pressure, but that's still no excuse. Vote up your favorite examples - and maybe next time Cap'n A-Head will mind his P's and Q's!
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    That Time He Fought His Second Replacement

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    He may not have been most people's cup of tea, but while Captain America was out finding himself (or finding America, whatever, they're the same thing) a replacement Captain America, John Walker, took over the position. Quite frankly, Walker sucked at his new job and in Captain America #350, Steve Rogers decided what he wanted is little white wings back. What makes this a dick move is that Rogers vacated the position and then punched the guy till he gave it back. John Walker was slowly going insane from the responsibility, so he probably would have given it back had Rogers just asked nicely.
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    That Time He Quit His Job

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    We have all wanted to quit our day jobs at one time or another, but in Captain America #176, Steve Rogers actually went through with it. However, what makes it a d*ck move is how you go about quitting.

    Free life advice kids: You don't stand up in front of your coworkers, throw down your equipment and wax poetic about the state of the American Dream before walking out. It's just going to make you look like a jerk. 

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    That Time He Fought His First Replacement

    Photo: Marvel

    When Captain America was out of action, a total crazy person named William Burnside took his place for a decade. Sure the guy who replaced Steve Rogers during his deep freeze during turned out to be a racist,commie-smashing, nut job but... actually, nevermind - that's a pretty good reason to go toe to toe with someone. 

    Since Captain America #156 takes place in Miami, you can go ahead and assume no one noticed the colorfully dressed, roided-out guys fighting on the street. 

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    That Time He Gave His Shield Back to Tony Stark

    Photo: Marvel
    We all know Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have not been the best of friends over the years. However, when someone does you a favor like recreating your shield, you don't have to throw it back at them. You especially don't want to use your super strength to throw it back at them - because Tony Stark doesn't have powers, Steve. In Captain America #341, he really could have just handed it back to him and left quietly. It's called dignity. 
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