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11 Times Captain America Was a D*ck in Comics

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Captain America is everything that is right about being a superhero and doing good. However, no one is perfect. This list compiles some comic book examples of times Captain America was a total d*ck! He may be all bald eagles and smiles 99% of the time, but the leader of the Avengers has made plenty of boneheaded moves over the years. 

Good ol' Steve Rogers has been around for decades (granted, some of that was spent floating around inside of an iceberg). That means he has had way more time to screw up and look like a total jerk in front of the rest of the Marvel Universe. But wait, it's not just Steve Rogers that has slipped up. There have been other dicks under that white winged cowl over the years, and they totally blew it too! Hell, even alternate reality versions of Captain America have been jerks.

So, not to burst your superhero bubble, but here's a list of times Captain America was a d*ck. Being a national hero and the embodiment of a country must be a lot of pressure, but that's still no excuse. Vote up your favorite examples - and maybe next time Cap'n A-Head will mind his P's and Q's!
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    That Time He Was Secretly a Hydra Agent for 75 Years

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    Why would Cap throw his erstwhile sidekick Jack Flag out of a plane? Because Steve Rogers has, in fact, been an agent of Hydra the whole time. Yes, the most patriotic hero in Marvel's stable is really a bad guy. So Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 reveals with a villainous cliffhanger during which the star spangled Avenger declares "Hail Hydra."

    The issue lays out that Steve is a second-generation Hydra operative: his mother was recruited by the organization way back in 1926, so even when he was knocking Hitler on his glass-jawed ass back in WWII, Cap wasn't doing so on behalf of the stars and stripes, but for the tentacled flag of Hydra.
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    That Time He Got High and Beat Up Daredevil

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    The first rule of being a superhero is to always do the right thing. The second rule should be to handle your high.

    Captain America does not handle his very well in Captain America #375 and Daredevil can back that up. During the "Streets of Poison" storyline, Cap gets drugged up and, since the people at Marvel had no idea what drugs actually did, had him go on a violent rampage. In said rampage, Rodgers actually brutally beat his ol' buddy Daredevil. Also, don't forget that this is the first appearance of a junkie character named Jerkweed. 
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    That Time He Gave His Shield Back to Tony Stark

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    We all know Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have not been the best of friends over the years. However, when someone does you a favor like recreating your shield, you don't have to throw it back at them. You especially don't want to use your super strength to throw it back at them - because Tony Stark doesn't have powers, Steve. In Captain America #341, he really could have just handed it back to him and left quietly. It's called dignity. 
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    That Time He Punched Minorities Because He Thought They Were Commies

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    Even while Steve Rogers was frozen in ice, the world still needed a Captain America (or so the USA thought). Cut to William Burnside, an obsessed superfan of the original Captain America who took on the mantle of the hero in the 1950s. He was such a fan that he even got plastic surgery to look all the more like Rogers. Any who, the unstable super soldier serum in his body caused him to go a tiny bit insane and start pounding on minorities in Harlem and Watts. We think this goes above and beyond d8ck move, Mr. Not-Really-Steve-Rogers.
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