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14 Times Celebrities Met Their Celebrity Crush

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Just about everyone has a celebrity crush. Whether they're a musician, an actor, or a former Big Brother player, some of the most common questions friends ask each other are often related to the topic. But, even celebrities themselves have celebrity crushes, and the times they have met in real life are the perfect balance of awkward and adorable. Here are some more of our favorite times that celebrities have met their celebrity crush.

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    Keanu Reeves And Winona Ryder

    While promoting their film, Destination Wedding, Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves mentioned that when they met each other at the Independent Spirit Awards in 1989, they both had huge crushes on each other. The pair also noted that those crushes have not faded away.

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    Mark Ruffalo And Meryl Streep

    While appearing on The Graham Norton Show, Mark Ruffalo complimented Meryl Streep. The two then shared a quick kiss, which left Mark Ruffalo giddy for the rest of the interview. 

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    Helen Mirren And Stephen Colbert

    While appearing on The Late Show, Helen Mirren gave Stephen Colbert a quick peck as a greeting. This left Stephen completely speechless, and Helen admitted that would've been her only opportunity to make the move. 

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    Nicole Kidman And Jimmy Fallon

    When Nicole Kidman appeared on The Tonight Show in 2015, the two immediately began discussing their first (and only time) meeting several years earlier. Jimmy thought they were hanging out to discuss a movie role, while Nicole thought it was supposed to be a date. Jimmy clearly had no idea, and I guess their fate was not meant to be.

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