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18 Times Anime Massacres Were Total Bloodbaths

Updated 10 Aug 2020 12.4k votes 2.6k voters 103.2k views18 items

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It's possible for the entire human race to be eliminated with a single blow. The scenario is scary to imagine, yet it's a common plot point that pops up time and again in anime. In particular, shonen anime frequently showcase their most epic villains' sick strength by having them kill millions of people with the wave of a finger. 

Although the medium is known for featuring bright colors and cute characters, anime genocide is shockingly ubiquitous. To make matters worst, many of these atrocities occur as the result of a single attack, wherein countless lives are lost in the blink of an eye. After watching the world unceremoniously fall apart in The End of Evangelion, you'll probably want to go home and hug your loved ones. 

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