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Stories Of Ernest Hemingway Acting Like A Literary Bully

Love him or hate him, Ernest Hemingway was a genius in his craft. But that doesn’t change that he loved fighting, drinking, hunting, and womanizing. Given his predilections, it's not surprising he’s hailed as a “man’s man,” the ultimate macho. In this day and age, that title doesn’t bode well for many. Then again, if Hemingway was alive, he’d probably have a mouthful to say about cultural sensitivity.

Still, Hemingway did nany things that might not have been controversial at the time, but are jarring to modern sensibilities. One thing's for sure, he had a hell of a lot of character, and accomplished more much in his life. So, whether you’re a devoted fan or think he’s an overrated author, check out some Ernest Hemingway stories that make sense of why many contemporary critics have condemned both the writer and his work.