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All The Times Family Guy Eerily Predicted The Future

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Seth MacFarlane is clairvoyant! Well, not exactly, but there are several times Family Guy predicted the future. The writers over at The Simpsons may actually have a better telepathic track record, but Fox’s other long-time animated series is also quite impressive at predicting events that no mere mortal could have possibly foreseen. Don’t believe it? Check out these seven insane Family Guy predictions.

Granted, some of these Family Guy jokes that came true are more striking than others. There is a bit of a stretch to link Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death to a Family Guy episode that references former Vice President Cheney’s hunting accident. But Bruce Jenner’s sex change was foreshadowed by the show years before the athlete’s official announcement. Didn't see Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault charges coming? Little baby Stewie Griffin did way back in 2005.

It is rather remarkable to see how Family Guy predicted things. Of course, most of these are nothing more than pure coincidence. But that doesn't mean that we can’t be impressed.