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Times Forever 21 Took Things Way Too Far

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Forever 21 is one of those fast fashion stores that you go to when you need a banging outfit at the very the last minute. Even celebs shop at the trendy chain when they want a cute crop top that's incredibly cheap. Not all of the XXI's clothes are top-notch, though.

Many a procrastinating shopper has entered the store in a mad dash to find something half way decent. She grabs the first thing in her line of sight only to get home and realize her drastic mistake. That choker covers her entire neck, those sandals are furrier than a winter coat, and the slogan on that tee takes up the entire piece of clothing. 

Check out all of the Forever 21 faux pas below and try not to shop there while distracted. 

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    Choker Or Neck Brace?

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    Booties For When You Feel Like Channeling Chewbacca

    Photo: Forever 21
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    Jeans That Cover Every Trend You Might Want - Fringe, Rips, And Fishnet

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    A Slogan Tee That Doubles As Your Summer Reading

    Photo: Forever21
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