12 Times Gotham Went Totally Crazy

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Gotham, the TV series that began in earnest as a police procedural surrounding the murders of Bruce Wayne’s parents, got off to a slow start in 2015. Either because the writers were paying attention to reviews or because they’d always planned an early slow burn, the series began to take left turns and shock viewers.

If you haven’t seen the Gotham TV show yet, you should know that there are spoilers aplenty on this list of crazy scenes on Gotham. If you’ve seen the show (or if you don’t care and you just want to watch the world burn) then check out this list of times Gotham lost its mind.

For those of you who don’t know, Gotham is nuts. Even though it started out kind of boring, the series embraced its nuttier storylines, leading to some of the best Gotham moments. The Barbara serial killer story, for example. Beyond Barbara’s dalliances with a kitchen knife, there are plenty more moments that make audiences ask "Whoa, wait, what's even happening?!” Characters maim their own faces, get dropped from the balloons, and suddenly throw each other out windows. The craziness of Gotham knows no bounds.

Were there moments on Gotham that you thought were more outrageous than the scenes on this list? If so, tell us in the comments.