Hairdressers And Barbers Share Their Worst Mistakes On The Job  

Mick Jacobs
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Everyone remembers a time where they got a bad haircut, but you rarely hear from the hairdressers who dole out terrible trims. While your horrible haircuts only get immortalized in photos, hairdresser mistakes stick with them long after they send you out the salon doors.

Doctors never want to send a patient into the world without a clean bill of health, and a barber never wants you to rock a terrible hairstyle and tell others where you got it. Aside from making them look bad, these barber goofs can stay with them every time they cut someone else's hair. As they comb through another customer's locks, they think, "Will I ruin this person's layers like that other time," or "Please God, do not let their highlights come out orange."

But like with any professional, hairdresser mess-ups happen; and while they suck, at least they'll help that stylist become better at their craft. That won't be much consolation while waiting for your unintended mullet to grow out, though.

Orange You Glad

From a Redditor:

I guess it wasn't really a f*ck up, I communicated with her clearly but I should have known better. A woman with dark hair came in; she colored it by box often. She came in desperately wanting to be blond. I gave her two choices - we repeatedly highlight it over time, or I strip her hair and lighten it over a couple of appointments.

The salon was closing soon and I told her I'd only have time for the stripping process and that her hair would likely be orange when she went home. She said that was fine. I assured her tomorrow's appointment wed take care of it. Well, she left the chair looking like an oompa loompa and I never saw her again.

Making A Hangover Even Worse

From Redditor /u/acwin:

Hairstylist of 11 years. I have a regular client who has a fine part shaved into the side of his head. The top is about five inches long, sides are a 0 to 1 taper. Client had a rough night of drinking and came in for his appointment the next morning. While I was shaving his part line in, he gagged and I took a two-inch square patch out of the top of his head.

Heavy Metal

From a Redditor:

I spent years quizzing women about their home color to confirm they didn't use metallic dyes, I spent years spot-testing women who said they have sensitivity or weren't sure what they used... none of it ever amounted to anything and was a big time suck. I got progressively lazy about it. Until one woman came in and I asked her what brand of home color she used; she said she doesn't remember.

Well, my years of experience had me 99% sure whatever it was was fine and I should have spot-tested but didn't. Her hair melted off her head. She used a metallic dye she bought at some organic nature store, not CVS like I assumed. It was horrific. Always spot-test the color, especially if you couldn't confirm their hair history.

There was no smooth or tactful way to explain it. She said it felt hot, I went to check a section of hair and it came off in my hand, feeling just like sludge. I think I muttered, "Omg" and rushed her to the shampoo bowl she was like, "What, what what's omg?", I said something along the lines of, "Uhhh...your hair has had a very bad reaction to the color... did you color your hair with henna?" as I was shoveling gobs of her hair out of the bowl and into the trash can underneath. "YES, that's it! (bc she couldn't remember earlier)"... I shampooed her up and thanked baby Jesus she had a few inches of virgin regrowth and her scalp wasn't burned.

Took her back to the mirror with the towel on her head and said, "Henna hair color has metal in it, most professional hair color reacts horribly to contact with metal. It's why all of our bowls and application methods use plastic... If I were to put this hair color in a metal bowl the chemical reaction would melt the bristles right off the plastic applicator brush (Her eyes started to glisten as she was following me down this path of enlightenment). I'm terribly sorry, but the hair that had the henna color on it, is now gone."

Her mouth dropped open, but she wasn't mad. She left with a cute pixie cut and we skipped the color for that day and I gave her some free shampoo and conditioner.

Don't Dye With The Kool-Aid

From Redditor /u/cat-92:

When I was in beauty school, I got a client who wanted a caramel blonde ombré. She had dark hair, and I could see some red at the ends. I asked her if she had colored it herself, and she said it was just Manic Panic, which usually lifts right out. I should have done a test strand, but this was before I knew better.

She had lied to me. It was Kool-aid. It turned pink. Kool-aid is the devil's stain. Once you put it in your hair, there is no getting it out completely. I spent hours trying to correct it, but the color just wouldn't budge. We were able to do a really subtle mahogany colored ombre, but she was upset. I learned a lot from that experience though.