Weird History

Freaky Times When History Repeated Itself And No One Realized It

Most people have heard one version or another of the following quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” In fact, history repeating itself is a common warning in all walks of life. Children are taught this in school to help them listen in history class. People going through breakups are reminded of it as they consider going back to their ex. Humanity is constantly reminding itself that everyone must learn from their mistakes. Yet, one look at our history proves that this reminder is often ignored or forgotten.

Many times when history has repeated itself it's common knowledge, cited in history classes around the world. There have been many wars over land, murders for revenge, and assassinations of unprotected leaders. But there are many historical events we don't even realize are repeats of the past.

So, when has history repeated itself beyond commonly discussed examples? What historical repeats are we missing from our history lessons? Read below to find out.