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Times Hulk Was Defeated In Over-The-Top Fashion

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Anyone who knows anything about any facet of the realm of comic book mythos knows one fact beyond any and all dispute: the Hulk is one of the baddest characters on the block. Most readers may not even remember times when Hulk was defeated. As one of the most recognizable faces in comics, Hulk stands among a very select cast of characters that for all intents and purposes, simply cannot be offed. In fact, one can very easily get squashed like a grape just for daring to try.

However, readers will come across rare instances when a villain (or fellow hero) manages to take down the Hulk. It should be noted that the Hulk has had many incarnations over the years, even alternate reality versions of the character, all with different power, intelligence and mortality levels. So, while it hasn’t happened often, there have been several times Hulk was defeated.

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    Hulk Vs. Hawkeye

    In Civil War II, Bruce Banner finally gets physically separated from the Hulk, and readers widely believed he's no longer capable of becoming a destructive monster again. This doesn’t stop Hawkeye from shooting arrows into Banner, though.

    Later in the comic, Hawkeye stands trial for the slaying and claims Banner asked him to end things if he ever started transforming into the Hulk again. Banner even supplied the materials needed to build arrows strong enough to end the Hulk for good. 

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    Hulk Vs. Zeus

    In The Incredible Hulks #622, Zeus gives Hulk one heck of a beat down. Bruce Banner collects an impressive posse of Incredible Hulks that includes: his son, Skaar; his estranged wife Betsy Ross; his cousin, She-Hulk; and his long-time sidekick, Rick Jones, aka A-Bomb. Banner fights his way past a who’s who of the Greek pantheon until he arrives at his destination and pleads his case to Zeus himself.

    After openly admitting that he owes the Hulk and his team a favor, Zeus still tells Banner to go kick rocks. The Hulk doesn't like this and ends up mouthing off. That triggers a fight - one that Zeus wins in brutal fashion.

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    Hulk Vs. Red Hulk

    Red Hulk first appears in Hulk #4, where he does a pretty solid number on the original Hulk, breaking his arm and shocking the Marvel Universe with a swift and sure victory. A few issues later, in Hulk #11, the two colorful monsters still haven't resolved their issues. This time around they fight for the two Elders, Grandmaster, and the Collector. Things come to a head when Red Hulk drives a trident through the Hulk.

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    Hulk Vs. Deadpool

    Deadpool once offed the entire Marvel Universe. Literally everybody. Written and drawn by Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic in 2012, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe tells the story of an alternate universe that never came to be and culminates with Deadpool ending the Watcher.

    When it comes time for Deadpool to take out the Hulk, the fight is short, but not at all sweet.

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