Weird History

Times The Economy Was On The Verge Of Total Collapse

The COVID-19 pandemic essentially laid waste to the economy, and just as it had gradually rounded back into shape by early 2022, another crisis arrived - this time Vladimir Putin's incursion into Ukraine - to shake the global financial foundation. The lesson, it seems, is that economic calamity is perhaps more common than we realize.

Before you start stockpiling canned goods and liquidating your assets, you should know that the world has weathered serious economic issues before. From the beginning of human civilization all the way to very recent history, there are countless examples of times the world economy almost collapsed. In fact, to look at the numbers, you might get the impression that the world as a whole is always inching toward or recuperating from complete financial ruin. 

The world we live in is so remarkably intertwined on a monetary level that it's essentially a house of cards just waiting to collapse the moment some greedy a-hole or careless moron takes their eye off the ball. Here are just a few historical crises that pushes the economy to the brink.